View Full Version : Invitation for Students to Photography Contest- Capture the Meaning of the EU Manufacturing Industry

03-06-2015, 14:12
In an effort to promote the idea of an industrial renaissance in Europe and encourage the involvement of young Europeans in the development and implementation thereof, the organisers of the MANUFUTURE 2015 conference, which will be held in Luxemburg on 23–24 November 2015, are inviting young EU residents (aged 18 to 26) to take part in a photography contest entitled ‘What does manufacturing mean to me?’.

Participants are invited to present, through photography, their expectations in manufacturing as well as the meaning and importance of manufacturing for the future of the European Union, their country, their community and themselves in a variety of aspects: technological, educational, economic, social, environmental, cultural, etc. Select submissions will be exhibited at the MANUFUTURE 2015 conference, and the three contest winners will be invited to attend the conference and personally present their photographs during a discussion with conference participants.

The contest is open to all EU residents aged 18 to 26. To take part in the contest, eligible participants must complete the on-line registration and upload their original works for the contest by 10 September 2015. The terms and conditions, contest registration form and other relevant information are available on the contest website: Manufuture 2015 – Photo Contest (http://www.manufuture2015photocontest.eu)

We look forward to receiving submissions and seeing students at MANUFUTURE 2015!

If you don’t have possibility to pass on this message to your students please let us know. May be we need then contact any other representative of your institution and so would be grateful for an advice.

Dr. Kęstutis Maknys
The organizer of the photocontest
Manufuture 2015 conference