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05-07-2018, 13:26
We are glad to invite your students to join our SECOND CYCLE DEGREE PROGRAM IN COMPUTER SCIENCE (Laurea Magistrale Degree course) for the academic year 2018-19, entirely provided in English. This program is offered at the University of Bari in Italy. It aims to develop vast, in-depth, theoretical, experimental and applicative competencies in the fundamental areas of Computer Science.
The first year ensures a strong cultural core basis with seven courses covering the areas of theoretical computer science, numerical analysis, project management, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction and databases.
The second year links the high-level training in current topics of computer science research with an extensive dissertation (20 credits), by means of three distinct curricula with specific educational objectives:
1. Knowledge Engineering and Machine Intelligence,
2. Software and Services Engineering,
3. Multimediality and Innovation in Digital Communication.

Information is provided here:


Language of instruction is English. Annual tuition fees ranges from about 250,00 Euro up to 1.750 Euro, depending on your ISEE income bracket declaration (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator).

Attached to this mail you will find an informative brochure with further details.
We would be very pleased if you could spread the our proposal through your institutional channels.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards

Ida Mastroviti

Università degli studi di Bari Aldo Moro
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