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27-06-2017, 10:41
Attend the 20th EU Grant Academy© to find the answers to the following questions:

Which projects within your organisation can be supported by EU grants in Horizon 2020?
Which grant funding programmes are available for your organisation and where can you find the calls for proposals?
Why is cooperation between research organisations and industry required? How to prepare for it?
How to start preparing a project? How to define project objectives and activities to comply with the call requirements?
How to define project costs and prepare project budget?
How to protect your own interests while negotiating the consortium agreement as well as during the entire process of project preparation and project implementation?
Which soft skills do you need to be a good administrative and financial coordinator? How to guarantee efficient administrative and financial management of your project?
Which qualities should good project management software have to help you go painlessly through financial controls and audits?
Which are the most common errors and irregularities in EU grant funded projects?

The International EU Grant Academy© is a 5-day specialised training course where you will get the essential knowledge and skills needed to successfully manage the process of obtaining EU grant funding for your research and innovation projects.
Internationally recognised experts will share their rich experiences in cooperation between industry and research organisations. Besides the lectures, the exercises and the lively in-class discussions, you will be able to enjoy organised networking activities and experience the hospitality of the famous Slovenian seaside region.
Details of the programme:
This training course is suitable for any type of organisation wanting to successfully obtain EU grant funding for its research and innovation projects: small and big companies, universities, research institutes or any other organisation types. The connections you will establish with other participants during this international event will be of great value to you and your organisation when starting future international project partnerships.
Early bird rate for payments until 30 June 2017 – take advantage of 15% discount!
For more information, as well as the application form, visit: http://www.eugrantacademy.com

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