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20-06-2017, 11:49
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Postgraduate Program on Acoustics and Sound Studies at NOVA University, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (FCSH/NOVA), Lisbon, Portugal, for the next academic year 2017/2018.

This exciting new course is a one-year taught program designed to provide a foundational knowledge on acoustics, and develop skills to analyze and understand the ways music is produced, performed and experienced. The course covers the relevant concepts, methods and tools in sound analysis, and the related applications in Architecture, sound recording, and the studies of cultural sound environments.

Find more information about the program at:

Applications are now open!

Candidates to the 'Acoustics and Sound Studies' postgraduate program require a degree or legal equivalent qualification, or scholar, scientific or professional curriculum attesting the capability to carry out this course by the FCSH Scientific Council / NOVA.

You can apply here:

For additional information, please contact:

 Vincent Debut (Executive coordinator) / vincentdebut@fcsh.unl.pt
 João Soeiro de Carvalho (Scientific coordinator) / jsoeiro@fcsh.unl.pt

We kindly ask you to disseminate this course information to all potential interested candidates among teachers, students and share it on social media and the word-wide web.

Thank you very much for your collaboration,

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The Acoustics and Sound Studies coordination

Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas,
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