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08-05-2017, 11:16
We would welcome applications to the Enterprise and Environment Summer School from 9th to 21st July 2017 at Oxford University.

Last year, this two week course inspired several students to pursue further studies based on our programme about finance, management, economics, environmental science and engineering.

We hope that this summer’s course will continue to motivate participants and most importantly provide them with greater understanding of environmental issues and their applicability in the enterprise sector.
Throughout the course they will have small interactive classes with our world-leading academics and insights into our latest research projects.
We are excited to engage with bright, change-making students and share with them a uniquely authentic Oxford academic experience.

Should you have any queries, we welcome your email at education@smithschool.ox.ac.uk<mailto:education@smithschool.ox.ac.uk>

Caitlin McElroy

Director of Executive Education & Departmental Research Lecturer in Enterprise and the Environment Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment School of Geography and the Environment University of Oxford South Parks Road Oxford, OX1 3QY United Kingdom www.smithschool.ox.ac.uk<http://www.smithschool.ox.ac.uk>