View Full Version : Εργασιακή Εμπειρία για Φοιτητές στο Brno, Τσεχίας

01-12-2016, 21:51
Αre your students looking for an internship abroad? Masaryk University provides a website and gathers all interesting internships offered by local companies. We would appreciate you forwarding this opportunity to your students and encouraging them to visit the website www.internship.muni.cz (http://www.internship.muni.cz) which enables them to get in touch with the companies directly. See also the attached poster with relevant information which you can print out and spread out.

Thank you in advance for cooperation.

Radka Vicarova
Masarykova univerzita | Masaryk University
Centrum zahraničnΓ* spoluprΓ‘ce | Centre for International Cooperation
KomenskΓ©ho nΓ‘m. 2 | 602 00 Brno | Czech Republic
T +420 549 49 7942
E vicarova@czs.muni.cz