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13-01-2016, 10:26
Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia) is pleased to present new Summer School programs in Russian Studies which are aimed at receiving new knowledge in the academic field, mastering Russian language and getting acquainted the Russian lifestyle and unique culture. The detailed description and presentation of the Summer Schools are attached bellow.

"Talents for Talents: Track1”
“Talents for Talents: Track1”is the Summer School provided by Ural Federal University on the 25th of July until 14th of August in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Our goal is to advance the level of Russian language of foreign students and make their stay in Russia effective whether they come for business, academic or touristic purposes.

Which talents do we offer?
• Extended Intensive Course of Russian as a Foreign Language (60 hours per three weeks) for undergraduates and graduate students with different levels - from A1 to C1;
• The complex program aimed at professional training in diverse fields of Russian studies;
• Cultural and excursion program including visiting the highlighted sights of Yekaterinburg and the Ural region;
• Variety of extracurricular activities and friendly atmosphere of staying in Russia;
• “Home stay” (the opportunity to live in Russian family on the period of the Summer School) as a variant of accommodation.

Course Fee: 20 200 roubles. Upon completion the UrFU certificate of attendance is given.

To contact us: russtudies@mail.ru or mariagu@mail.ru
The deadline is June, 01 2016.

“Talents for Talents: Track2”
“Talents for Talents: Track2” is the extended version of the UrFU Summer School including in addition to above-mentioned facilities train-journey across the whole country. After three weeks in Ekaterinburg our participants will go to the Saint-Petersburg (for a week) by famous branded “The Demidov express”. The time devoted specially to the train journey is really exceptional experience, which is hard to gain without assistance by being in Russia for the first time: passing by the picturesque Russian villages, forests and fields, stopping at the most famous historical Russian cities as Perm, Kirov, Vologda etc.
Saint-Petersburgs part is devoted to exploring the beauty and richness of the Northern Capital and visit its highlights: State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace, St. Isaac's Cathedral State Museum-Memorial,Palace Bridge, Nevsky Prospect, Peterhof, etc.
Course Fee: 20200 roubles (for the Track1 – three-weeks in Ekaterinburg) + extra-fees approx. 500 euro (for the Saint-Petersburg part). For the additional information about Track2, please, contact the manager of the Summer School (russtudies@mail.ru).

The deadline is May, 01, 2016.

In order to apply the participants should:
1. Download and fill the application form on http://russtudies.urfu.ru/summer-schools/talents-for-talents/apply/;
2. Send an application, a scanned copy of the international passport and a motivational letter (describing why the participant is interested in the Summer School, which experience does participant have in learning Russian language) to russtudies@mail.ru or mariagu@mail.ru;
3. Contact the manager of the Summer school for necessary visa support, passing an on-line-test on Russian language and having short Skype- interview to determine the language group that corresponds to the level of proficiency in Russian.